Power Protection

Getting stable and clean power to any electronic device is incredibly important, but never more so than when you are on the road. One thousand miles from home you can't just pick up a new built in microwave for your RV. That is why it is imperative that you purchase a voltage regulator from Dyers. We offer voltage regulators from such reputable brands as TRC, Hughes, and JTB; Dyers online offers a variety of models for any application. RV park power grids can be unstable at times, with voltages going as low as 90 volts. Most electronic devices are not capable of coping with such low voltages and may malfunction, or worse, completely fail. There is no good option other than to purchase a voltage regulator from Dyersonline. Beyond voltage drops, there are also voltage spikes that can damage electronic devices in your RV. Lastly, there is voltage noise. Sensitive electronics such as your computer or stereo can malfunction from the "noise" generated from a poorly designed RV park power grid.


 A voltage regulator purchased from Dyers Online can resolve all of these potentially expensive issues with one simple purchase.  The voltage regulator is the answer.  You may think that a voltage regulator is complicated to use or difficult to install. Neither of these can be further from the truth. Voltage regulators are easy to install and in many cases simply involve plugging the regulator into the AC inlet of the RV and then plugging the RV park supply to the regulator. Our regulators use industry standard outlets for broad compatibility wherever you may be traveling. To ensure safety, we offer voltage regulators with rain proof housing in order to prevent shorting of the device when used externally. On certain models you can also choose to internally mount the voltage regulator in your RV for a cleaner look and greater electrical protection.