Interior Door

An RV is more than just a material object, it is a lifestyle. With an RV comes a commitment to travel, to see and do more than you would otherwise. It brings with it memories and joy, but it also comes with a lot of responsibilities. You may have been asked; why would you choose to vacation in such a labor intensive way? You could choose to vacation in a nice hotel where all of your cleaning and even cooking is taken care of. These people who wonder about RVing have never experienced the joys of a road trip, physically going and exploring new territory, seeing the sights. Nor have they experienced the freedom of not being tied down by booked hotels or airfare. The opportunity to explore at your own pace, not that of the tour guide is something people who choose a regular vacation don’t really know. Most people choose to spend their time lounging by a pool with intermittent touristy activities. They never get down to the culture and nitty gritty of an area the way you do on a road trip.


However, with the close quarters of an RV, sometimes it can feel like you have no privacy. Installing a folding door can help divide up your space so you have a little bit more spaciousness. Our folding doors are pleated, made of heavy-duty, stain resistant P.V.C. hardware. They are color coordinated and install in minutes. Do you need a roller, door latch or door stops and hinges? Not to worry, at Dyers we have a wide variety in stock. Come check out our website and see how we can make your life easier.