Faucets & Shower Fixtures

There are so many options and products available for plumbing fixtures. Shower heads can be simple or complex multi-function devices. Don’t get overwhelmed go to Dyersonline.com and get all the information you need to make an informed choice on a faucet or plumbing fixture.


Sink faucets with numerous looks are available so you are bound to find one that is both aesthetically pleasing and in your budget. Sink faucets are available both for kitchen and bathroom sinks; tall or short. Tired of trying to fill up a pot with water only to pour out half the water you filled because the pot got caught on the sink faucet. Get a High Spout Kitchen Faucet and never have that problem again.


We also carry several options for drinking water dispensers. Again, be sure the spout is high enough so you can get things in and out of the sink easily without worrying about any spillage. Another option is the single or double handled option. Some people really dislike needing two hands to operate the sink faucet. The single handled faucet can solve this problem. Others feel there is a lack of control with a single handled version, choosing the added control of separating the hot and cold water. Another handy feature is the pull out kitchen faucet allowing you to easily wash off the sink with flexible maneuverability.


A shower head is now more than just a shower head it is a spa experience. We have a number of shower heads with massaging functions to help you relax and unwind after a long day of activities.  We even carry a few overhead cascading shower heads that are the ultimate in RV shower luxury. We also carry a variety of exterior showers so you can clean up quickly without tracking any dirt inside. Complete relaxation is just a shower away when you order from Dyersonline.com.