Trailer Wiring & Adapters

Having a recreational vehicle opens a whole world of possibilities to you, but with so many different vehicles that fall under the category of recreational vehicle, it becomes hard to decide what option is best for you. There are smaller campers that attach to a truck either to the tow hook or to the trunk bed; depending on the size and weight of your trailer. Many recreational vehicles are stand alone and have the driving mechanism built in. With these, no towing is necessary, but having a towed vehicle can make for a much more exciting and adventurous trip. How could you go toFloridato camp and check out the amazing beaches without also taking the kids toDisneyworld? It would be unforgivable. With a towed vehicle you can easily leave your recreation vehicle at the campground and take your car to spend a day or a few atDisneyworldmaking an already unforgettable trip into a trip of a lifetime.


There are three basic ways to tow a vehicle. One is a tow bar that easily attaches to a vehicle and then can be folded up and put away when you are done. Another option is a car dolly. This is a great option for front wheel drive vehicles, but due to its large size it may not easily fit at your campsite and therefore needs to be stored elsewhere. The last option is a trailer or transport unit. This is the most expensive option but is useful for protecting luxury or sports cars when on the road. With a transport unit you also run into the issue of storage at the campsite. Due to its large size you may have to park it at a distance from your campsite. Which ever option you choose we have many trailer wires and adapters, can help.