Steering, Suspension, and Trac Bars

Have you driven in a car with the suspension shot? It’s a horrible experience. Jarring, it feels like the car is trying to shake something out of you. Then there is the noise. It sounds like the whole car is going to vibrate apart. By the time you get where you are going you hope never to get into that vehicle again. Unless of course the sad vehicle is actually yours in which case well I hope you know a good mechanic.


The suspension is a multi faceted system that keeps your vehicle driving smoothly down any road. As a fellow traveler I know that some of the roads we take are not the perfectly paved roads that make for a super smooth ride. The last thing you want is to have your teeth practically rattled out of your head the next time you hit a dirt road because in the RV lifestyle it will happen and soon.


At we have everything you need to repair or replace the suspension in your vehicle, keeping your drive smooth and pleasant, so you can focus on the road and the scenery. A good suspension will mean that your motion sick daughter will not be so uncomfortable. It will mean that the next time you hit an unpaved road you aren’t wishing yourself away. You can simply get down to the business of driving and looking forward to the next destination, the next great adventure.


If you or any of your loved one suffer from motion sickness you know that a bad suspension and thus a bumpy ride is going to result in some serious discomfort, but by properly maintaining and repairing your suspension you can have a smooth ride again in no time.