The RV season has kicked off and you and the family went camping only to find that some of your RV hardware parts are broken like gas props, latches, catches and more.


At Dyers we are campers which means we know what it feels like when something small breaks in the RV. We understand how lids can break or fly off. That is why we carry all the parts any RVer would need to replace and repair their motorhome to get it looking like the day you bought it!


One of the biggest items that has hardware is on the outside of your coach – your awning. Sitting in the shade under your awning is part of the RV experience, but blustering winds and monsoon like storms can damage arms, fabric or roller tubes. At Dyers we do not just carry awning parts we are an authorized dealer for all things Dometic. if you need brackets, arms, roller tubes or fabric you can find it at our Dometic Superstore!