Progressive Industries 30 Amp Permanent Electrical Management System with Remote Display

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Keep your RV protected with this 30 Amp Electrical Management System that shuts off power immediately when there is reverse polarity, power surges, open ground, open neutral, AC frequency deviations and accidental 220V. With an easy to read remote display that comes with 14’ of cable.
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Item # 17102
Brand Progressive Industries
Model EMS-HW30C
Installation Type Permanent
Amperage 30 Amp
Protection Rating 1790 Joules
Features Remote Display (Shipped inside EMS unit for protection)
Time Delay for A/C Compressor
Three(3)-Mode Surge Protection Surge Indicator
Reverse Polarity Protection
Open Neutral Protection
Open Ground Protection
AC Frequency Protection
Accidental 220V Protection
Previous Error Code Detection
Bypass Switch
Microprocessor Controlled
Modular Design for easy to install replacement parts
Dimensions 5"W x 9-1/2"L x 3-1/4"H
Warranty Lifetime
Made in USA
Special Order Item No
UPC 818811000030
WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. For more information, go to
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You have probably traveled to parks that you might not visit again because of the electrical standards. Maybe you have had friends with RV’s that were plugged into pedestals that were struck by lightning or damaged by faulty connections. An electrical management system stands on guard protecting your RV from dangerous power issues. Progressive has made the 30 Amp Permanent Electrical Management with a remote display that lets you put the remote wherever it is convenient for you.

When you are on vacation, exploring the country your RV wiring system is vulnerable to open neutrals, miswired pedestals, and power surges. Plugging in a portable surge protector is an option, but you have other things on your mind then remembering to grab that mobile surge guard when you are traveling. With the 30 Amp Permanent Electrical Management with remote display you are protected 24 hours a day, no worries about theft or your surge protector withstanding the elements.

Progressive has made this 30 Amp EMS, permanent so you can hardwire it into the RV, with a built in bypass switch you can control the unit and turn power back on if needed. The surge protector stays active even if bypassed.

The Progressive Industries 30 Amp Permanent surge protector has a modular design that makes replacing parts simple. The plug and play parts allow for easy repairs.

Giving you 3-Modes of surge protection, L-N, L-G, and N-G, with a joule rating of 1,790, and a 44,000A surge current. The Progressive Industries 30 Amp Permanent Electrical Management System is constantly monitoring electrical issues with a state-of-the-art Computer and microprocessor programmed with software that reacts at one billionth of a second or <1 nano second! Immediately turning off power if there is accidental 220V, reverse polarity, open ground, open neutral, or AC frequency deviations +/- 9 hertz from 60 cycles per second.

High and low voltage spikes are always being monitored too. The Progressive Industries 30 Amp Permanent Electrical Management System instantly shuts down power if there is a rise above 132 volts or a drop below 104 volts.

When the power is shut down, before restarting your air conditioner needs time to wind down, before starting back up to protect your AC components. The Progressive Industries 30 Amp Permanent Electrical Management System creates a 2 minute 16 second delay when restarting the power, to protect your A/C compressor. You will know when power has been turned off because the reset indicator light will flash for 2 minutes 16 seconds then power will be restored.

Having a built in hardwired power surge device with a remote display is great, but crouching and bending over to read the display on your EMS is probably not how you envisioned a work out while you are camping! The monitor on the EMS-HW30C comes with a 14’ cord that is attached to the plug and play port. With an easy to read display that is continuously showing power information you can view previous error messages and error codes. The 30 Amp EMS displays each message for two seconds at a time. You will see voltage, frequency, error codes, previous errors and current readouts. If you need to know what an error code means, walk over to your EMS system and read from the list of codes that is stamped on the unit. How easy is that!

Easy to read Error Code Chart:
E-0 Normal Condition
E-1 Reverse Polarity Condition (hot and neutral wires reversed)
E-2 Open Ground
E-3 Line 1 Voltage High (Line voltage above 132)
E-4 Line 1 Voltage Low (Line voltage below 104 volts)
E-5 Line 2 Voltage High (Line voltage above 132)
E-6 Line 2 Voltage Low (Line voltage below 104 volts)
E-7 Line Frequency High (Line frequency above 69 cycles per second)
E-8 Line Frequency Low (Line frequency below 51 cycles per second)
E-9 Data Link Down
E-10 Replace Surge Protector Module

Progressive has one big difference that sets them apart from the competitors, a lifetime warranty on their 30 Amp Permanent Management System. Progressive Industries believes in their product and gives you that guarantee for the lifetime of the unit. You can count on Progressive Industries to stand behind their product.

As an RVer you probably store your motorhome when you are not using it. You still plug in to shore power regularly to make sure the batteries are charged and ready to go for the next adventure. If you are parked at home or in a storage unit, dangerous electrical problems can be lurking. The Progressive Industries 30 Amp Permanent Electrical Management System is hardwired protecting your appliances and wiring if there is an electrical issue while your RV is being stored. Having the 30 Amp Progressive Industries EMS system gives you constant protection, saving you from costly repairs to your RV.

We have added the owner’s manual under useful downloads for the Progressive Industries 30 Amp Permanent Management System. Feel free to view the manual, look at the wiring instructions, troubleshooting and features to see if the Progressive 30 Amp EMS system is for you!

*** When you are shipped this Progressive Industry Hardwired Surge Guard the remote and cable are packaged inside the unit as a safety precaution during shipment. Once you receive your system unscrew the cover and you will find the remote and 14’ cord.
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