Cavagna Propane Regulator with Shut Off Valve

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Change Over Propane Regulator
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Item # 91686
Brand Cavagna Group
Model 52-A-890-0006C
Features Built-In Back Check Valves Allows Empty Cylinder Removal And Refill As Reserve Cylinder Remains Operational
Excess Flow Device: Ensures Protection With All Hose Connections. Limits Gas Flow In The Event Of Hose Rupture Or Accidental Disconnection
Overpressure Protection Device: Limits Environmental Propane Release In Case Of Regulator Malfunction To A Value Less Than 2 PSI, Significantly Lower Than That Mandated By UL Standard 144
Automatically Switches From Empty Service Cylinder To Full Reserve Cylinder, Ensuring Continuous Gas Flow To Appliances
Highly Visible Full Or Empty Indicator Signals
Unique Indicator Is Also Visible From The Top When Viewed Through Propane Tank Cover Lid, Eliminating The Need To Remove The Entire Propane Tank Cover To View Which Cylinder Is Full Or Empty
Adjustable Pressure Setting
Included Inlet Size: 1/4 Inch
Outlet Size: 3/8 Inch
Inlet Attachment Type: Female Threads
Outlet Attachment Type: Female Threads
Outlet Pressure: 11 Inch WC
BTU Level: 160000 BTU Per Hour
With Shut Off Valve: No
With Hose: No
RV Approved: No
Warranty 5 year
Net Weight 1
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UPC 677605080616
LTL Freight No
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