Important Announcement: Dyers RV Temporary Closure

Dear Valued Customers,

We will be closed from Tuesday, June 11th through Sunday, June 16th for the Dyers RV Camping Trip. Regular business hours will resume on Monday, June 17th.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support. We look forward to serving you upon our return!

Best regards, The Dyers RV Team


Refrigerator Parts

If you need a replacement refrigerator part that you cannot find on our website please do the following:

1) Locate the identification tag on your refrigerator.
2) Take a photo of the tag or write down all of the different numbers listed on it.
3) Email us with the photo of the tag or the information off of it to and provide a description of what part(s) you need.

If you need help finding the identification tag, please view the following: Tag Location Helper

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Dometic Refrigerator Gray Door Lock
Item #: 35377
Dometic Black LH Freezer or RH Refrigerator Door Handle Assembly
Item #: 81976
Out of Stock
Dometic Refrigerator Hercules Power Module Board Kit
Item #: 81978
5+ In Stock
Dometic Refrigerator Thermocouple
Item #: 81988
5+ In Stock
Dometic NDM1062 Replacement Refrigerator Handle
Item #: 81989
Out of Stock
Dometic Refrigerator Electrode with 17" Wire Lead
Item #: 81997
5+ In Stock
Dometic Eaton Ice Maker Water Valve
Item #: 82011
Dometic Polar White Old Style Refrigerator Roof Vent Cap
Item #: 82067
5+ In Stock
Dometic New Style Refrigerator Roof Vent Kit (Cap and Base)
Item #: 82064
5+ In Stock
RV Designer Refrigerator Drain Hose Plug
Item #: 65680
5+ In Stock
Dometic Refrigerator Black Outer Side Profile Trim
Item #: 89321
Dometic Refrigerator Black Painted Upper Left Hand Hinge
Item #: 40497
5+ In Stock