Madison Accessories 20 Gallon AC/DC Combo Tank Heater

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Holding Tank Heater; Tank Blanket
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Item # 91498
Brand Madison Accessories
Model 61006
Features Whether RV-ing for the love of it, living in a park unit or camping, many people are using their vehicles throughout the entire year. A common problem is that water holding tanks may freeze up in cold winter weather. As water tanks turn to ice, basic RV necessities such as toilets, showers, and sinks fail to function. The solution is simple. Protect your water tanks in freezing temperatures with the Madison Accessories Tank Blanket. The Tank Blanket is an auxiliary heating device designed to be applied to the exterior of a holding tank in RV’s, Motorhomes, camping trailers, and/or other commercial vehicles. Simply stated, it is an electric heating blanket for your various water tanks. The Tank Blanket is made up of a laminated heating element, a thermostat switch and a rubberized backing material with an outer aluminum layer. The entire inner layer, opposite the aluminum outer layer, is covered in a Pressure Sensitive Adhesive that allows the user to “stick” the heater blanket onto the tank.

Helps Prevent Freeze-Ups
Functions On A/C Or D/C Currents
Thermostatically Controlled
Aluminum Backing Enhances Product Performance
On At 40 Degree Fahrenheit, Off At 58 Degree Fahrenheit
Easy To Install With Adhesive Backing

Ampere Rating: 0.6 Amps AC/ 6 Amps DC
Wattage Rating: 72 Watts AC/ 83 Watts DC
Dimensions 12 Inch Width x 30 Inch Length
Warranty 90 days
Net Weight 1
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