UltraHeat 13.5VDC 60 Gallon RV Tank Heater

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No more freezing holding tanks with the UltraHeat 60 gallon 13.5 Volt DC tank heater. Thermostatically controlled tank heater automatically turns on and off to protect your tanks and to make your life easier when it is freezing outside!
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UltraHeat 13.5VDC 60 Gallon RV Tank Heater Description

The UltraHeat 13.5 VDC 60 Gallon RV Tank Heater will automatically warm up your tank and keep it safe from the chilly winter conditions.

All UltraHeat Tank Heaters are thermostatically controlled to turn on and off automatically when it is too cold or just right in your holding tanks. Simply turn on your Ultra Heat tank heater and it will bite through the bitter cold turning on when the contents of the tank temperature drops to 44° F. The UltraHeat 60 Gallon RV Tank Heater turns off when the temperature reaches 64°.

UltraHeat heaters have an easy to apply bonding adhesive that will stick to any clean surface, making your install quick and painless. Measuring 12” x 24” this Ultra heat 60 gallon tank heater can warm up your tanks so you do not have to worry about freezing temperatures affecting your quality of living.

Feel comfortable and confident RVing all winter long with UltraHeat Tank Heaters that have a proven track record of 12 years of operation. Start protecting your holding tanks today with the UltraHeat 13.5 Volt DC 60 Gallon RV Tank Heater.

UltraHeat 13.5VDC 60 Gallon RV Tank Heater Additional Information

Item # 18727
Brand Ultraheat
Model AM-M2400
Features 13.5VDC
Amperage Draw: 11.8A
Wattage: 159.3 watts
Dimensions 12" x 24"
Warranty 1 Year
Special Order Item No
LTL Freight No

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