Geocel Bright White 10 oz. Proflex RV Flexible Sealant

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Stays elastic and stops leaks quickly. Bonds to virtually all RV materials and adheres to damp, frozen and oily surfaces.
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Geocel Bright White 10 oz. Proflex RV Flexible Sealant Description

Withstands joint movement and temperature change due to RV travel. 25 year life expectancy.

Pro Flex RV Flexible Sealant is specifically designed for the recreational vehicle industry. It can be exposed to adverse weather conditions right after application. Pro Flex RV Sealant has excellent expansion and contraction properties to withstand the joint movement and temperature changes associated with recreational vehicles. It bonds to many recreational vehicle materials, even damp, slightly oily, or frozen surfaces.

Adheres To:
Aluminum, glass, coated steel (Kynar 500), steel, wood, fiberglass, and vinyl.

Composition and Materials:
Pro Flex RV Sealant is based on a proprietary formulation of polymers designed to provide optimum flexibility, adhesion, weather resistance, and life expectancy. Because of the inherent flexibility of this material blend, the sealant does not contain plasticizers (added to many sealants to promote flexibility) which tend to migrate out of other sealants, causing hardening and shortening of their useful life. Due to the mild solvent blend contained in the sealant, Pro Flex RV is not a flammable liquid according to NFPA liquid guidelines. Its inherent weather and ultraviolet resistance, combined with its lasting flexibility, provide a life expectancy exceeding 50 years.

Grade: Gun grade consistency

Primer: Not required on most surfaces. If primerless adhesion to a particular substrate is in question, a test application is recommended. Contact Geocel’s Technical Service Department for further information.

Do not use on traffic-bearing surfaces. Do not use on extruded polystyrene insulation sheathing (Styrofoam, etc.) or EPDM. Do not use on acrylic skylight glazing surfaces. Do not use in areas where food is processed or stored. Not suitable for potable water applications.

Basic Uses:
-Non-traffic bearing joints, including those where structural movement or stress is expected.
-Primerless application on most recreational vehicle substrates such as metals, glass, and vinyl.
-Where ultraviolet-stable material is required.
-Where a paintable sealant is required.
-As a trim sealant for metal components.

*This product can not be sold and or shipped to California.

Geocel Bright White 10 oz. Proflex RV Flexible Sealant Additional Information

Item # 31071
Brand Geocel
Model 28127
Color Bright White
Features Crack resistant.
Exceptional flexibility.
Excellent adhesion to many surfaces, even when damp.
Ultraviolet resistant.
Resealable; may be applied over itself.
Resists dirt pick-up.
Easily applied, non-stringing formulation.
Tools and cleans up easily.
Cured sealant is mildew resistant.
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The right product for the right application 2003 Lance Pickup Camper
Used naphtha to prep and do limited cleanup. Work quick. Tried the ice cube to smooth bead but I am a clutz.. Used a rubber edged tool with well defined sharp edges to tool the bead and clean off excess plus fingertip when needed. Excellent adhesive sealant and much better than silicone based products.
07:34 pm (GMT)
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Top quality sealant
My local RV center was going to charge over $600 to scrape & re-caulk the corner and window seams. On a 2 yr. old class C, they told me that this will have to be maintained on a 6 month basis. They also told me not to use cheap $5.00 silicone from a home center to do this. After some web research, this product looked to be the best to me.
After scraping off the mastic which was pushing out from under the seams, and cleaning off the residue with some MEK, I appplied the Proflex. It applied very smoothly for such a sticky sealant. You will get one chance to smooth the bead with your finger, so make it count. After that, it immediately gets tacky and you will drag the bead instead of smooth it. In 24 hours, it set up; not too hard, or too soft. This product looks to have superior adhesion and be tough as nails...only time will tell. This is the best product for this application, and I would highly recommend it.
05:20 pm (GMT)
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Overall rating 5 Stars
This sealant is a superior product . Make sure you finish the application , it will set up quick. Also before you purchase make sure you know EXP Date on end of tube.( Shelf life only good for 1 year) Once used has a 20 year cap..The last two digits is the year and the other digits : the weeks in that year.. If you let this be known to Dyers when purchasing they will take care of you..

3 Item(s)