Zamp 200 Watt Portable Solar Charging System

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Our largest portable solar charging system. Great for heavy energy users with medium to large RV’s and dual battery or multi-battery systems. Setup in less than 5 minutes.
Price: $963.99
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Zamp 200 Watt Portable Solar Charging System Description

f you’re a really heavy user you can use more than one portable solar charging system on the same battery or combine it with a permanent roof top mounted system, generator or other power generator.

Our 200 watt portable solar charging system was designed for heavy users but they can also be used on smaller 12 volt batteries without any damage or fear of damage. Our solar charge controller protects the battery from over charging or any spikes in power.

Zamp Solar 200 Watt Portable Solar Charging System features our 15 Amp solar charge controller mounted on our EZ-View swinging bracket. The EZ-View Bracket allows the user to stand while viewing the digital deluxe solar charge controller. The Zamp Solar Digital Deluxe 15 Amp Solar Charge Controller is a 5 stage, weatherproof, PWM solar charge controller. A large digital display shows the user battery voltage, an instant view of amps from the solar panel and how many amps charged the battery over the period of time.. 3 indicator lights show – Faults (any errors) | Charging (solar is charging the battery) | Full (battery is full and solar is maintaining).

This 200 watt Portable Solar Charging kit provides 11.42 amps of charging power per hour under optimal sun conditions. Depending on where you live and what time of year will depend on how many hours of optimal sunlight you can expect to receive. Typically we use an average of 6 or 7 hours for the summer and 4 to 5 hours for the winter. Commonly these figures are lower than expected.

Estimated daily amperage – 68 to 91 amps (summer), or 45 to 57 amps (winter). Average RV’er who do extended weekend dry camping sessions use roughly 30 to 40 amps a day.

Great for dual and multi-battery systems, large RV’s and campers and some off grid solar charging applications.

Zamp 200 Watt Portable Solar Charging System Additional Information

Item # 91181
Brand Zamped
Model ZS-US-200-P
Replaces ZS-200-P
Features High Efficiency Monocrystalline Panels
Molded Power Harness With Built In Fuse
Easy View Solar Bracket
Deluxe Digital 5-Stage Solar Controller
Ballistic Nylon Travel And Storage Bag
Built In 2-Way SAE Male Connector Compatible With OE Zamp Solar Charging Ports
One Hand Easy Use Tilt Arms
Included Type: Portable Solar Kit
Power Rating: 200 Watt
Panel Type: Class A Monocrystalline Solar Panel
Length (IN): 40 Inch
Width (IN): 54 Inch (Open)/ 27 Inch (Close)
Thickness (IN): 1-1/2 Inch (Open)/ 3 Inch (Close)
Panel Mount Type: Bracket Mount
Controller Type: 15 Amp PWM Weatherproof Solar Charge Controller
Inverter Type: No Inverter
With Solar Panel: Yes
With Cables: Yes
With Remote Control: No
With Mounting Hardware: Yes
With Carry Case: No
Warranty 90
Net Weight 37
Special Order Item No

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