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Ultra-Fab Deluxe Electric 5th Wheel Landing Gear

Ultra-Fab Deluxe Landing Gear eliminates old fashion cranking, at an affordable price lift, level and stabilize your 5th wheel at the flip of a switch!
Item # 61573
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Description / Ultra-Fab Deluxe Electric 5th Wheel Landing Gear

Having a 5th wheel requires a lot of lifting and leveling. You need to be lifting to get the Kingpin perfectly matched up to the hitch and leveling when you need some stability like an even living room, because yours is slanted. The Ultra Fab deluxe 5th wheel landing gear does it all! You can easily flip a switch to lower your kingpin to your hitch, and stabilize or level your RV. The Ultra-Fab Deluxe Electric 5th Wheel Landing Gear is perfect for any 5th wheel, especially larger models or those with heavy or front weighted slide-outs.

Is the ground an inch or two uneven on one side of your campsite? You only need to raise up one side of the trailer? No problem! Each leg on the Ultra-Fab Deluxe Landing Gear has a control switch, giving you the command over both of the legs, or one leg at a time, whatever you need!

With a 21” stroke and adjustable extensions you can raise this landing gear set up to 38”, for the steepest of inclines. With the built in slip clutch you don’t have to worry about over extending and ruining the gears. Once you get to the maximum height allowed you cannot go any higher. Note**It is not recommended you use landing gear to lift your RV for repairs like changing a tire.

Two powerful 12 volt motors can lift and lower your RV for stability and hitch attachment, up to 12,000 lbs! You can have the heaviest of trailers and the Ultra-Fab landing gear is up to the challenge. The extra wide foot pads are built in to prevent sinking, giving you a sturdy support for your landing gear.

Easy installation, you put the control box wherever is easiest for you and at the flip of a switch you can level, lift, and stabilize your 5th wheel. No more hand cranking! The Ultra-Fab Deluxe Landing Gear is perfect for the RVer who wants an electric jack landing gear at an affordable price, from a company that offers a three year warranty! Check out Dyers for all of your jack, landing gear and RV part needs. We have a great selection of parts and accessories because we are RVers too!

Lifting Capacity – 6,000 lbs. per leveler
Stroke – 21”
Extended Length – 74”
Retracted Length – 36”
Area of Foot Pad – 22 sq. in.
Max. Adjustment of Foot Pad – 17”
Power Requirement – 12 Volts D.C.

More Information

Item # 61573
Brand Ultra-Fab
Model 17-943010
Capacity - lb. 12,000
Stroke 21" stroke plus adjustable extensions create up to 38" of lift distance
Features Two powerful 12 volt motors eliminate hand-cranking.
Lifts and levels your 5th wheel at the flip of a switch.
Built in slip clutch to prevent damage from over extension.
Allows for independent positioning of foot pads, especially on uneven surfaces.
Included 2 Per Pack
Warranty 3 Year
Special Order Item No
UPC 649119430102
LTL Freight No

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Customer Reviews

very good product
Review by sam
only had them a few weeks but the last one I only used once and it broke. much better and stronger product than came with the trailer
Better than I expected
Review by ricktanker
I decided to install the gear myself and it took a couple of days getting the old ones off, but the new ones were a breeze to put on. I was pleasantly surprised when I got them installed and discovered that the heavier landing gear took about 90% of the sway out of my camper. Now I can walk around the camper with practically no movement. The dual switches makes leveling the camper a pleasant task; because, I no longer put leveling blocks down, pull up then back up to add or remove to try to get it level. I simply lower one side and raise the other and in a few seconds it's level.
Review by jo mamma
Fast shipping, fairly easy to install if you have a welder, work good so far.
Right price and hardware seems very heavy-duty
Review by BC
Found myself stuck in a new campground across the country from home when the old Keystone-stock lifts failed. Was leaving the unit for several weeks so shopped quickly and ordered the heaviest duty units I could find online. The free shipping didn't hurt. They arrived and were installed by an RV tech I've still to meet. By all accounts everything went well and the lifts perform fine. They will get a workout by me over the next few months. Based on reviews they should do well.

I'm withholding judgement on the separate switches - do people really use lifts this way to level side-to-side? Seems wrong to me. Anyway, really wish the supplied switch had a feature to run both lifts from one switch....will probably retrofit that later.

So far all is good. If this changes I WILL be back to report on it.
Sleep better knowing I have something under my 5th Wheel to keep it UP!
Review by Charlie Long
You don't know how important landing gear is until you don"t have any. We were 3 hours from home when our single motor gear went south. Made a day trip for a tripod to help support the hitch while using a hydrolic jack to help lift our 2006 Keystone Laredo.
The same manufacturer of the tripod stabelizer also made landing gear twice as powerful as what we had. Got home and read some of the other reviews, and ordered the Ultra Fab gear from Dryer (best price around). Had to remove 1/4" of the top part of the bottom support bracket to get one of the jacks to fit. Wish Keystone would have put this product in to begin with. The cost was only about $150 more from what was factory installed. The new gear dosn't have manual operation with out removing the motors, But the old side hole for the previous manual hand crank worked great for mounting the new switches (used existing hole for feeding the wires.
Would have bought the 7000lb. Jacks
Review by Jed
Received the product with missing parts. Had to wait on parts another 3 days. Company was good to be Johnny on the spot. Only had to weld top brackets in place after removing the other brackets. Would have been easier if brackets were flat across the back , that way I could have welded the top and bottom instead of the sides which made it harder do to space on front side. Still better than what had ; a single motor unit that put me in a bad situation too many times. Have not proven this new units yet, time will tell.
fast service, good product, good service
Review by dd
Product came in very fast but motor covers were broken during delivery trip. I called Ultrafab and got excellent service. They were easy to deal with and sent replacement right away. No hassle.
Great Service
Review by G Paw
We were preparing to depart on a trip to Eastern Sierra when one of the original equipment landing gear jacks on our brand spanking new Hornet Platinum went gunny bag. The nut had galled it`s self to screw and there was no way to fix it. I called the nearest dealer, 160 miles away, and was informed that they were not taking any waiting jobs in to the shop. I would need to take it in and leave it until they could get to it. Perhaps in a week or so it might get looked at. No they didn't have the part in stock and if it was actually bound up as I said it was the part would need to be ordered. We are talking about a 10 minute job to do this if the part is on hand which it was`t. I jacked up the trailer and removed the offending landing jack and hitched it to our truck. Got on line and ordered this landing gear set of jacks and asked that it be shipped to the resort where we were going to be staying. No problem it showed up in 3 days and I installed the one side that I had removed so as to uncouple the rig. These seem to work fine. Luckily the upper indexing lug matched up to the upper bracket on our frame so it was able to fit without the need of any welding at least until we got home. My only complaint of the entire scenario is that when I searched on line for a system and this one came up at Dyers I didn't`t notice any the landing gear sets that are better than this one. This company has several landing gear packages and had I know to look around I would have purchased an even better set. This is a lick on me and not really the fault of Dyers.
Great to deal with, Quick shipping and good products.
Very pleased with entire process.Product is first quality & a breeze to use.Website is user friendly.Shipping & delivery was super fast.
Review by charlie
Very pleased with entire experience!!!Would recommend your services to everyone.Thanks.
well worth it
Review by sodakmax
I have no more worries lifting and lowering the front of my Grand Junction 5th wheel. The previous single motor landing gear was pathetic. I did more hand cranking than I did using the electric motor. Now all I do is flip two switches. Leveling is a breeze using one or the other switch. Dyers service in conjunction with UF was great. When I received my shipment one of the grease fittings was broken off one of the motors. I feel it was packaged incorrectly from the manufacture. Dryers position was they sell systems not individual components of the system. Their solution was to ship the system back and they would send out another, or contact Ultra Fab. I understood their position and contacted UF. They too were very helpful. They understood my situation and immediately sent out a new motor unit and I returned the broken one, no charge, no questions. Dryers stayed in contact through out the entire process to be sure I was being taken care of. Great service from both Dryers and UF. The system was very easy to install. The system works great and was well worth it.

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