Sewer Solution - A hands off solution for RV waste!

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Powerful SewerSolution macerator and cleaning system, at an affordable price. No more stinky slinky!
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Item # 53884
Brand Valterra
Model SS01
Features Easy to install
Sanitary to operate-no more dirty hands!
No moving parts
Completely self-cleaning
Environmentally safe
Included The SewerSolution includes a clear polycarbonate pump unit, 10´ SewerSolution dump hose, garden hose quick-connect with back-flow preventer and an adapter for connecting to 3" and 4" sewer pipe or 1" PVC pipe.
Made in USA
Net Weight 3.4
Gross Weight 4.1
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UPC 019079700018
WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to
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The dirtiest stinkiest job of being an RVer is emptying your holding tanks. Using the old stinky slinky is stinky and can be messy. You do not need to be overwhelmed by the stench worrying about ruining your pants and shoes when you are dumping your black water tank anymore! The Valterra SewerSolution System gives you a hands off solution for emptying your RV waste tanks!

You could easily spend hundreds of dollars on a macerator pump for your RV sewage, plus the costs of adding accessories, fittings, etc. The Valterra SewerSolution Systems is an all-In-one affordable RV macerator system, at 1/3 of the price of other macerator systems in the RV camping world. The SewerSolution includes a clear polycarbonate pump unit, 10´ SewerSolution dump hose, garden hose quick-connect with back-flow preventer and an adapter for connecting to 3" and 4" sewer pipe or 1" PVC pipe.

The SewerSolution is powered by a precision, high velocity, solid stream water jet. As waste is drawn into the jet, the powerful hydraulic force rips the waste to pieces, even the gunk that can be caked to your holding tank walls. The SewerSolution uses a fresh water hook-up to power wash and flush out every bit of dirt and grime that is stuck in your holding tanks. The clear window on the pump shows you when the water goes from grey to clear as the macerator chomps up waste and dumps it into the sewer clean out.

In an RV space is always an issue. You need parts that can fold down to fit in compact spaces. The Valterra SewerSolution System is easy to store when folded down to a 14″ spool. If you do not want the bare hose sitting in a baggage compartment, think about purchasing a Prime Products handy storage bag so you can keep all your SewerSolution items in one easy to find location (storage bag sold separately).

At Dyers the SewerSolution System is by far the best seller of all the macerators we carry. Our customers have nothing but positive reviews about the SewerSolution System. Here are a few quotes from our loyal customers.

“I have used this system for years and it can't be beat. Bought this one as a backup for the original.” Larry

“I love this product due to how little stored space it takes up. Plus it's self-cleaning so no worries about getting hands all dirty.” Scubieman

“Works like a charm. Stores smaller than the stinky slinky. Requires no leveling feet. Can carry waste 100'. Cleans up easily. I like it...” TommyB

“First timer with the clean out, I always heard it was messy. No stink no mess with the SS. “ Zinger Bob

Proudly made in the USA!

No more bulky 3" hoses to deal with, no more messy sewage dumps. The water-powered jet pump liquefies & pumps sewage through the 10’ x 3/4" non-kinking smooth dump hose. If you need more length Valterra has 10’ extension hoses that easily extend giving an air tight seal, (extra hoses sold separately). **Valterra does not recommend attaching more than 30’ of dump hoses together.

**Valterra tip if you need more than 30’ of hose -
We suggest using a maximum of 30' of our 3/4" hose. If you need to pump longer distances (up to 100' over level ground) you can easily insert 1" PVC pipe (white pipe from the hardware store) into the system. Use 1" PVC coupling for each stick of PVC pipe you get to join them together. There is normally no need to glue the pipes together as the friction fit should be sufficient. To connect to 1" PVC pipe, first pull the adapter out of the elbow on the sewer connector (the thing with the big rubber rings). The adapter is pressed into the elbow and connects to the green hose. You may have to wiggle it around to separate the parts. The end of the adapter is 1" PVC and will connect to a 1" collar. The elbow is also 1" PVC and will except the end of your 1" pipe.

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