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Roadmaster InvisiBrake - Hidden Braking System

Nothing to take in and out of your towed vehicle and there's nothing to push, pull, set, adjust, activate or deactivate!
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Description / Roadmaster InvisiBrake - Hidden Braking System

InvisiBrake is a fully automatic, progressive supplemental braking system that uses the electrical connections already in place on your towed vehicle (the towed vehicles electrical harness) to brake when you brake your motorhome - the same electrical signal that activates the towed vehicle's brake lights also activates InvisiBrake.

Completely out of sight:
InvisiBrake is so small it can usually be mounted under a seat without sacrificing any of the vehicle's usable space.

Progressive Braking:
When you continue braking so does InvisiBrake. The longer you apply the brakes in the motorhome, the harder your tow vehicle will brake (InvisiBrake will NOT skid your tires).

Bypass the 12-Volt Outlet:
InvisiBrake connects directly to the towed vehicles battery during towing - InvisiBrake will NEVER drain the battery.

Controller Size — 8¾" x 8¾" x 2¾"
Voltage — 12 volts DC
Fuse size — 20 amp
Operating temperature range —
-2° to +150° F (-19° to +66° C)
Maximum amperage draw — 10.8 amps
Idle amperage draw — 6mA
Battery recharging rate — up to 2 amps
Approximate maximum air pressure — 80 psi

Two Stage Motorhome Monitor:
Invisibrake includes and LED monitor for a visual reference of braking activity; an audible alert in the motorhome indicates extended braking to warn you if the brakes have been active too long.

More Information

Item # 72005
Brand Roadmaster
Model 8700
Fits Works in virtually any towed vehicle, including those with full-time 'active' power braking systems
Features Active only when motorhomes brake lights are active - NO false braking!
Easy adjusts to individual braking preferences - adjustable from 5 to 80 psi.
Completely out of sight.
Bypass the 12V outlet.
Included An emergency brake away system
LED monitor with audible alert.
Warranty 1 Year
Made in USA
Special Order Item No
UPC 758306313118
LTL Freight No

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Customer Reviews

Review by Mike
Got these jacks sent to me and had to return. Minus the fact that they charge a ridiculous restocking fee, they claimed that they never received the return and now I am out $440 dollars. They are running a cheap scam here. Will not shop with this store again.
Worked very well
Review by Jim H
Upgraded from RoadMaster's BreakPro because I got tired of taking it out & putting it back in each time I towed our Car. The invisibrake worked well & had clear installation ibstructions (although it took about 12 hours to insall.)
Great product, time consuming to install
Review by Scott
Dyers have the best price and fastest shipping. The invisibrake by roadmaster is a great product but installation will take the whole day. Instruction is straight forward and unit is of good quality. I guess a day to install is better that having to install & uninstall a portable unit every time I go on a trip.
Great Service and price from Dyer's. Would definitely use them again.
Review by Habs Fan
So far the Invisibrake has worked fine. I also had a problem with the lights on the toad and was told to pull the fuse. Checked with Roadmaster and they said that they had never heard that before and that it shouldn't be necessary due to a diode that is in place to prevent any such problems. A bad diode was the cause of the problem. The Invisibrake sure beats a tow dolly or bulky front-seat brake unit.
Nice system, but compare it to the SMI brake system.
Review by 88nscr
DYERS online is outstanding, they have fast shipping and GREAT prices! ! ! Will purchase from them again.
I purchased an SMI stay n play for myself and installed it in my dodge ram to tow. Then I had a friend want this roadmaster invisibrake installed in his 2012 grand cherokee to tow, so I have installed and worked with both now. The SMI system has an accelerometer built into the system, it requires both, a brake light signal and decceleration to activate. The Invisibrake only uses brake lights to activate. The SMI system is wireless operation, the Invisibrake requires an umbilical cord hooked up between RV and toad. The SMI has a control box mounted on the dash of the RV with indicator lights and adjustment settings, the Invisibrake only has a light in the dash of the RV to indicate that the brakes are applied. Both systems work the same, a vacuum pump energizes the brake booster in the toad and a cable pulls the brake pedal down to apply the brakes. The SMI system makes one attatchment to the fire wall for the end of the cable, the piston actually mounts to the brake pedal. The Invisibrake needs two attatchments to the fire wall; the end of the cable mounts to the brake pedal, then a pulley mounts to the firewall, then a cable clamp mounts to the fire wall and the piston is then mounted somewhere else. Either way you go, both of these brake systems are completely functional and in my opinion are much easier to use compared to the brake box that has to be set up each time you tow and removed when you arrive and want to drive the toad. If I had to install another brake system in a toad for me, I would go with the SMI system and I would recommend it to a friend over the Invisibrake.
Impressive Brake system
Review by Jeff
Shipping and product delivery was great. I installed this myself in about 10 hours. There are great videos on you tube on how to do this. The instructions were also well written. We just used this on a 300 mile trip and it worked great. I am happy i chosse this type of system over the portable. The time to install it was well worth not haveing to fool around with a portable unit
Overall a good product, works as described and much prefered to a unit that has to be set-up evry time I tow.
Review by KEG
Fast service from Dyers - Deffinately going to use them for future purchases. I installed my InvisiBrake in a 94 Jeep Wrangler YJ. No carpet to hide the wires and cable made my installation a little more time consuming (+/- 8 hours), but not too complicated. Definitely something for a do it your-self 'er. The unit would not lay flat under the driver's seat so I routed the cable along the driver's side door frame and mounted the unit on the rear wheel well. The supplied 15' cable and vacuum hose was perfect to route through the rear fender grommet, under the body along the fuel line route to the engine compartment. This avoided having to drill and seal several holes in the fire wall. The electrical connections were very straight forward but I had to look-up a wiring diagram on-line to identify the wire color for the "cold side" of the brake light switch. Everything worked as designed right out of the box. The brake pressure is easy to adjust. My only complaint is the compressor is kind of loud sitting on bare metal. I am sure this would be less of an issue if I had carpet in the jeep.
very satisfactory supplemental braking
Review by Echo
install took a day, adjustments one morning driving rv and tow to fine tune. all appears fine. sure is easly to setup for tow. time will tell. would highly recommend Dyer RV for their fast delivery and followup
Just installed. Have not used except a short test drive.
Review by Don
Ordered for my 09 Buick Enclave. Exceptionally fast delivery from Dyer. Recommend installation by a professional. RV mechanic spend the better part of two days installing. It was his first one to install. Glad that I had a pre arranged agreement on labor cost of $300. Unit would not fit under either of my front (power) seats. Had to put unit on floor behind console. When towing I have to pull a fuse to keep from running down the battery in my towed. Discovered that when I pulled this fuse the invisibrake alert light installed in motorhome did not work. Consulted with Roadmaster who said that I needed a secondary stop switch installed. Another $50.
Be aware that if the brake light in your motorhome comes on when your exhaust brake engages it is going to engage the brake in your towed. Now, after installion is complete I am pleased thus far. Just plug in a wire from the motorhome to the towed and you are ready to roll. Feel much more confident with invisibrake than with the portable brakepro.

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