WirthCo Battery Doctor 12V Jump Starter

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950 peak amp and 350 cranking amp jump starter for use on lead-acid batteries, gel cell batteries and deep cycle RV or marine batteries.
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Item # 88665
Brand WirthCo Engineering
Model 20050
Features Ergonomic handle.
Shock and weather resistant case.
Jump starter on/off switch.
Internal battery charge status LED's.
Color coded volt meter to display battery status.
USB portable device charger.
Vents keep unit cool under heavy use.
Female 12V charging port.
Ultra bright emergency light.
Holder keeps clamps safe and secure.
Reverse hookup protection.
Durable, rust & corrosion-resistant clamps.
Included Alligator clamps.
Emergency work light.
USB charging outlet.
12V DC charging outlet with cord.
AC wall plug recharging cord.
Net Weight 15.7
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