Thetford 35 Gallon LX Model Smart Tote2 4-Wheel Portable Holding Tank

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This Thetford 35 Gallon Smart Tote 4-Wheel Portable Holding Tank gives you a premium tank, 5’ sewer hose, Auto Stop Level Gauge and tow bar handle to make dumping easy while preventing messy spills.
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Item # 53374
Brand Thetford
Model 40519
Replaces Thetford 40520
Gallons 35
Features AutoStop - Level Gauge/Valve stops flow when tank is full to prevent messy over-filling!
Four wheels for easy maneuvering.
Tow Handle for easy towing (even hooks to ball hitch!).
Stows flat for storage.
Rinse Hose, convenient and easy to store.
Included 5’ sewer hose that remains attached to the tank for faster, more sanitary use. Includes a 90° sewer elbow for convenient emptying, a sewer hose cap for storage and a compartment to neatly contain it all.
Dimensions 14-3/8 H X 23-7/8 W X 47-5/8 L
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UPC 028985405191
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Need a new portable solution for dumping your RV waste tanks? Get smart with the Thetford 35 Gallon Smart Tote 4-Wheel Portable Holding Tank! If you are at a campsite for long periods of time you do not want to hook up and tow your RV just to dump your tanks. Let the Thetford Smart Tote help you dump your tanks without moving from that perfect camping spot!

One complaint about portable dump tanks is that RVers have to tote the tank across bumpy terrain, sometimes in the hot sun. Thetford has given this Smart Tank 35 Gallon Holding Tank 4 easy to maneuver wheels. You do not need to tug, or pull the tank, the 4-wheeled design glides and moves with you on your journey to dump the honey bucket.

You don’t want to pull the tank to dump it? No problem! The convenient tow handle hooks onto the back of your Pick-Up Truck or SUV tow ball allowing you to drive it to the waste dump at your campground. **It is recommended you do not drive more than walking speed, or 5 MPH when towing the Thetford 35 Gallon Smart Tote 4-Wheel Portable Holding Tank.

One word describes the Thetford 35 Gallon Smart Tote 4-Wheel Holding Tank – Easy! Tank Handle folds flat making it easy to store. Equipped with a 5’ Sewer hose and bayonet cap saving you from a messy clean up. The Thetford Smart Tote is perfect for any camper that needs a quick and painless way to dump black water tanks.

Don’t play the guessing game. A built-in Auto Stop Level Gauge stops the tank from overfilling. The Auto Stop Level Gauge lets you know how full your Thetford Tank is so there is no need to guestimate.

Here is a quote from one of our happy customers that purchased the Thetford 35 Gallon Smart Tote-

“We've dragged the tote back & forth to the dump station a number of times. We're very happy with this product. I've dragged it over some rough terrain at the campground, and it hasn't popped off the hitch yet.” Steve

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