Demco SMI Air Force One Tow Vehicle Braking for Diesel Air Brake Motorhomes

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AFO requires air to activate. Due to the powerful nature of exhaust brakes, Air Force One is the best choice for diesel coaches.
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Brand SMI Manufacturing Inc
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Fits Air Force One is designed for coaches with air brakes. Fits every tow vehicle, including the newest "live" pedal cars.
Features Hidden Installation
Always ready to tow
Fits EVERY tow vehicle
Power brakes active in the towed vehicle
Truly proportionate braking
Chassis Approved Air Tap In
Coach Notification
Included Easy-to-follow comprehensive written step-by-step instructions and DVD. Each Air Force One comes complete so you do not need to purchase anything for the installation. SMI also offers 24/7 technical support from real live technicians not just an answering service.
Warranty 5 Year
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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. For more information, go to
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Air Force One is designed for coaches with air brakes. If you have air brakes, AFO is the industry's best choice. AFO uses air to activate, so there is no worry with your exhaust brake. Air Force One is truly an advance in towed-vehicle braking technology: proportionate, progressive, gentle, user friendly, and fits every towed vehicle with no modifications.

Designed for diesel motor homes, AFO is the smallest, most effective braking system available. Air Force One is the only air brake system that energizes the towed vehicle's power brakes through a patent-pending process that does not require an electronic vacuum pump. In fact, Air Force One has no moving parts to wear out at all. Air Force One is also the industry's first and ONLY supplemental brake system that protects the coach with a patent-pending breakaway system that seals the coach's air supply in the event of a separation of the coach and the towed vehicle.

Effective yet Invisible:
Air Force One uses a small amount of air from the coach's air brake system to create the vacuum necessary to activate the power brakes of the towed and then applies the towed vehicle's brakes in a truly proportionate manner. As you apply the brakes in the coach, a proportionate amount of air is supplied to the Air Force One system to activate the towed vehicle's brakes. Because Air Force One uses the same air that brakes the coach, truly mirrored and proportionate braking is achieved in the towed vehicle. The Air Force One operating unit mounts under the hood of the towed vehicle, completely out of sight. The brake actuator is also very small and mounts on the brake arm of the towed vehicle. Once installed, the entire system is invisible and always ready for towing with no set up or take down.

Total Coach Protection:
Total Coach Protection exclusively with Air Force One is a process that protects the air supply on the coach. To meet federal regulations (FMVSS 121) when using air brakes, the supplemental brake system must protect the towing vehicle air supply. SMI includes the components necessary to meet these important safety regulations. If the towed vehicle separates or the towing system fails, the coach air is protected. Air Force One is the safest air brake system available. No other air-operated system offers this level of safety and control.

Coach Notification:
Coach Notification is a vital part of all supplemental braking systems. A signal from the towed vehicle's brake light switch is used to alert you in the coach that the towed vehicle's brakes are applied. Coach Notification, combined with power-assisted brakes, a small operating unit, and 100% proportionate braking combine to make Air Force One the best choice for all diesel motor homes with air brakes.

Fits ALL Towed Vehicles!
No need to ask if Air Force One is compatible with your towed vehicle. Air Force One fits all makes and models – from the largest F-350 to the Hummer H2 and H3 and all hybrids -- Air Force One fits them all. Each Air Force One system comes complete with everything necessary for the installation on every towed vehicle. When you purchase a new towed vehicle, the Air Force One system is simply transferred to the new car without purchasing any new parts. This convenience comes only from SMI and Air Force One. Air Force One fits every tow vehicle, including the newest "live" pedal cars. In addition, the Air Force One is easy to transfer to a new towed vehicle – Many of the semi-permanent systems today will not work on ALL towed vehicles or they require special parts for certain towed vehicles. Not Air Force One, Air Force One is absolutely a universal fit for every towed vehicle.

Air Force One offers the latest in supplemental braking technology. Air Force One uses the coach's air to create vacuum for the towed vehicle’s power-brake feature, and also uses the same air supply to proportionately apply the brakes in the towed vehicle. Since it uses the coach’s air supply, Air Force One does not need an electric pump. In fact, the Air Force One operating unit has no moving parts at all. The Air Force One operating unit is very small and fits under the hood of your towed vehicle (see one). The brake actuator mounts on the brake arm just like the Stay-IN-Play cylinder.

In addition, Air Force One is the only air brake that offers and includes coach protection for the air supply in event of a separation. With “Total Coach Protection,” the coach’s air supply is sealed off to allow the coach to stop normally. At the same time the coach is protected, the breakaway system on the car activates the towed-vehicle’s brakes. Air Force One also includes a coach notification light. This light is activated directly by the towed’s brake-light switch. Any time the brakes are applied in the towed vehicle, the light is on. Air Force One is a revolutionary product that will apply truly proportionate brake effort in your towed vehicle. The simple install combined with vacuum-assisted power brakes and truly proportionate braking makes the Air Force One system second to none for a motor home with air brakes. Combine the power brakes of the car being active with all the other great features, including no set up for towing, and you too will agree with RV’ers all over the country; Air Force One is the greatest new innovation for this industry. Things that are different are not the same. Air Force One is truly better.

With Air Force One, attach your AFO jumper and you are ready to tow. There is no set up in the towed vehicle and, because AFO uses the power brakes there is no need for adjustments. AFO will brake the car just as you would if you were driving it: gently, efficiently, and truly 100% proportionate. Best of all it is all automatic.

Air Force One uses a patented process to create vacuum in the towed vehicle's power brake system. This process energizes the power brakes for the towed vehicle without the engine running. Air Force One does not require an electronic pump, so battery drain cannot be an issue. In fact, there are no moving parts to wear out and no circuit boards to go bad. Air Force One will be the last supplemental brake you will ever buy.

Progressive is good, proportionate is better. Using the coach air is the only way to create true 100% proportionate braking effort. Whether you are on a bumpy road or using your exhaust brake down a hill, Air Force will only apply the brakes in the towed vehicle when you apply the brake in the coach. The braking in the towed vehicle mirrors the coach WITHOUT any complicated adjustments. Inertia-based systems simply cannot offer this level of simplicity and consistency. Using deceleration to determine braking is progressive, using the action of your foot on the brake pedal and the associated amount of air is proportionate.

Air Force One uses an approved air tap in method so you will not affect the warranty on your air brakes. DOT and FMVSS (Federal Vehicle Motor Vehicle Safety Standards) #121 require supplemental brake systems to have a separate air tank (ping tank) and a separate valve to control the supplemental system. All other air brake systems take air off of the rear wheels to apply the supplemental brake which can impact your warranty. Spartan requires a separate valve and ping tank to maintain your warranty which you must purchase separately with any other air brake. Only Air Force One meets the regulations and only Air Force One includes everything you need.

Many systems have no signal at all and others generate the signal from activation. The best signal for you to know when the brakes are on in the towed vehicle is from the brake light switch. Air Force One includes a simple LED light that mounts on your tow bar. The light turns on when the brakes are applied in the tow car. If the light is on, the brakes are on. You want to know if the brakes are on, not simply if the system is cycling. The Super Bright LED's will let you know when the brakes are on. Radio signals are not as dependable as a wire especially in the newer diesel rigs. Air Force One lets you know what you need to know, when you need to know it!

If you have any specific questions or would like to know more information please contact the SMI Manufacturing 24/7 technical support team at: 1-800-893-3763.
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