Showermiser Chrome Shower Water Saver

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Showermiser; Use To Redirect Cold Water Back To Tank While Waiting For Hot Water
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Item # 92464
Brand Showermiser
Model SMC001
Features SHOWERMI$ER connects anywhere on the non-pressurized side of the fresh water system, (for example, the fresh water tank or the input side of the water pump). You simply remove the shower head, attach the SHOWERMI$ER unit, line up and mark where the return line will be, and then drill only one hole in the shower wall through to the inside wall where the other plumbing is maintained. Using the provided lock washer, tighten the SHOWERMI$ER snugly against the wall.

Using a return line with a 1/2″ female pipe thread fitting, attach the return line to the SHOWERMI$ER unit. Lastly, connect the other side of the return line to anywhere it is convenient on the non-pressurized side of the fresh water system.
Included 1 SHOWERMI$ER unit
1 diverter valve (Chrome or Brushed Nickel)
1 custom-threaded through wall pipe
1 lock nut & washer to secure unit tightly against the shower wall
Warranty 1 Year Limited
Net Weight 2
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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to