Quick Roof 6" x 25' Aluminum Water Proof Roof Repair

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Repairs metal and flat roofs on RVs, mobile homes, trucks, trailers, gutters, flashings and skylights.
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Quick Roof 6" x 25' Aluminum Water Proof Roof Repair Description

Why QUICK ROOF is the fastest, easiest and most economical solution to your waterproofing problems.

CPI starts with a reflective aluminum foil. Under the foil are rugged, waterproof polymer films. Laminated beneath the films is a thick layer of rubberized asphalt. The asphalt compound adheres to most surfaces and seals around most punctures, forming a protective waterproof barrier. Finally, a high-quality release paper is applied to shield the adhesive surface until the QUICK ROOF waterproof repair is installed.

Why an aluminum foil?
The high density aluminum foil used in the manufacture of QUICK ROOF reflects sunlight and reduces rooftop temperatures by an estimated 22.5%. This membrane may be exposed to direct sunlight without the use of a coating, which saves time, labor and money.

Where should I use QUICK ROOF?
Use this product anywhere you want a fast, dependable waterproofing barrier. Applying waterproofing materials is generally a messy, complicated process requiring much labor, equipment, and skill. QUICK ROOF simplifies the operation –you just peel off the release paper and apply the waterproofing sheet to any prepared surface. QUICK ROOF may be used for roofing, waterproofing, patching and repair or any job requiring tough, weatherproof protection.

How is it installed?
Simple...align sheet and apply to clean dry surface by removing the release paper as the material is carefully unrolled and pressed into place. QUICK ROOF bonds to itself at overlaps. No heat, glues, tapes, fasteners or special tools are required ... you need only a pair of scissors or utility knife. Some surfaces will require cleaning and/or priming.

Can QUICK ROOF be used for repair work?
It’s an excellent choice for patching smooth asphalt roofs. The old roof should be cleaned and primed as necessary, any blisters or irregularities repaired to present a smooth surface. QUICK ROOF is then applied to leaking areas. A minimum 12”of solid contact should be allowed between the edge of QUICK ROOF and any known leaks. A bead of caulk will help to protect exposed edges. Narrow rolls are available for repairs and flashing.

Product Description:
QUICK ROOF is a self-adhering waterproofing material with a reflective aluminum surface. The sheet features multiple laminations of special aluminum foil, high density polymer films and a thick layer of rubberized asphalt waterproofing compound. The aluminum foil reflects the sun to lower rooftop temperature and reduce energy costs. The films stabilize of defense against leaks. The rubberized asphalt seals tightly at the overlaps and around most punctures, and forms a long- lasting waterproof barrier. QUICK ROOF requires no coating.

Special Features:
The CPI production facility is specially designed to make a superior waterproofing membrane. QUICK ROOF offers the contractor and property owner these extra features:
-Eliminates Leaks –multiple layers of protection seal out water. Rubberized asphalt won’t crack or dry.
-Sticks to Most Surfaces – QUICK ROOF sticks to roof decks for ease of application and to eliminate movement of water under the membrane.
-No Coating Necessary –with QUICK ROOF you simply peel off the release paper, apply to any prepared surface ...and the job is done!
-Easy & Fast to Install – QUICK ROOF eliminates the need for big crews, hot kettles, torches, adhesives, fasteners, etc. install QUICK ROOF using only scissors.

Quick Roof 6" x 25' Aluminum Water Proof Roof Repair Additional Information

Item # 31449
Brand Cofair
Model QR625
Color Aluminum
Features Waterproof/Weatherproof.
Sticks to most surfaces.
Aluminum surface reflects heat – reduces energy costs.
Low cost/Labor saving/Easy to install.
Light in weight/Easy to handle.
Tough and durable – puncture and abrasion resistant.
Stretches to allow for building movement.
Requires no coating for exposure to sunlight.
For roofing, waterproofing, patching and repair, hundreds of other uses.
Dimensions 6" x 25'
Warranty 10 Year
Special Order Item No
LTL Freight No

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good stuff
When i ordered did not think about size. Should have bought 3" instead of 6". Im a trucker that hauls rail containers. Main reason i bought this is to have to seal holes in the sides hence only needing 3" roll. but i figure i can cut in half and have it last longer. Works and adheres great! I have not tried on my travel trailer yet since i have not uncovered it and looked at the roof seals, but if they need repair i will definitely try it!
08:36 am (GMT)
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good for flashing difficult areas
I ended up using this product to over-flash a few skylights on my house that were giving me leaks at a couple junctions. Used this product to easily bend around difficult angles to cover gaps. Once applied I added an overcoat of aluminum roof sealant (found at Ace hardware) but for flat repairs this product would work on it's own.

2 Item(s)