Girard 42K BTU Micro-Processor Controlled On-Demand Tankless Water Heater

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New Digital User Control Panel (UCP) allows you to set and adjust your target water temperature. The panel not only displays continuous water outlet temperature readings but also indicates fan/water/flame operation as well as error codes for easy diagnostics.
Price: $489.98
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Girard 42K BTU Micro-Processor Controlled On-Demand Tankless Water Heater Description

On-Board Micro-Processor Monitors:
- Inlet Water Flow
- Inlet Water Temperature
- Outlet Water Temperature
- Regulates the burner to maintain the set HOT Water Temperature:
- Now you can add COLD Water to the desired temperature
- All the HOT Water you want when you want it!
- 42,000 BTUs which provides the optimum performance for an RV’s plumbing
- No special LP gas lines or special plumbing required
- Quiet Brush-less Motor
- 12V power that operates at less than 3 AMPs
- Freeze Protection – Designed for Winter Use
- Designed Specifically for Recreational Vehicles
- Compact Design – Fits in any tank water heater cut-out opening

You spoke, they listened! Girard has not only added to and or upgraded all the features in its new generation unit that customers have been asking for, they have also successfully completed the first update to the RV water heater door in decades!! A new hinged door design - easy latch closing. No more twist latches!!

The table below summarizes the main performance specifications:
BTU/HR: 42,000 BTU
Fuel Propane: (LP Gas)
Inlet Pressure: 11” WCI Min to 14” WCI Max
Manifold Pressure: 1.5” - 7.2” WCI
Power Input: 12VDC < 3 amp
Water Operating Pressure: 125 PSI Max
ECO Max Temperature: 140° F

When replacing a traditional water heater with the Girard Adjustable BTU Tankless Water Heater you will need to buy a door also (sold separately). Girard has made 3 doors to choose from; New installation/6 gal Suburban retrofit, 6 gallon Atwood Retrofit or a 10 gallon Atwood or Suburban retrofit option. If you do not see the water heater you are replacing on this list, don’t worry, you need to purchase the door for a new install.

For your convenience we have placed flyers, manuals, previous generation comparison sheets, install notes, and more all about the Girard Adjustable BTU Tankless Water Heater on this page. These files are full of info on this amazing new generation water heater from Girard! Please do take the time to open and carefully read each of these files, they have been obtained and added for your benefit. They are located just below in our "Useful Downloads" section.

- Door kits are sold separately, they are NOT included.
- Professional installation is strongly recommended (NO returns after installation).
- When in standby mode, the microprocessor has a constant draw of approx 0.2 amps. Girard highly recommends installing a dedicated main switch that controls the power to heater in order to eliminate the constant draw during dry camping.
- Magnetek/Parallax 6300 Converters do not provide a "clean power source for sensitive electronics. Please confirm before installation and make the necessary changes. Any damage to a Girard Water Heater and/or the circuit board due to use of the 6300 converter is not a warrantable item.

Girard 42K BTU Micro-Processor Controlled On-Demand Tankless Water Heater Additional Information

Item # 89622
Brand Girard
Model 2GWHAM
Replaces Also known as GSWH-2
Fits The Girard water heater is made to replace most all common RV tank style water heaters.
- This is accomplished by having multiple retrofit door kits, which are NOT included, they are sold separately and are required to complete the install.

The Girard water heater cut out opening is 13” X 13”.
- If water heater does not slide into the opening you may need to either:
A) Enlarge the opening.
B) Replace the water heater housing pan head screws with pop rivets.
Gallons Tankless
BTU's 42,000
Heat Source Gas
Ignition Electric
Cut-Out The water heater cut out opening is 13” X 13”.
Included Digital User Control Panel (UCP)
*Door kits NOT included, sold separately*
Warranty 2 year parts 1 year labor
Net Weight 24
Special Order Item No
LTL Freight No

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Need Help
Purchased this vehicle for our 2011 Park Trailer for deer lease. Would be perfect for our group of 5 campers who do like to shower once in a while! Installed per the directions then made the mistake of not testing until we took it to the woods. Unit powers up, but when you turn on hot water faucet you get an immediate E7 error which indicates a "open circuit in linear valve control circuit indicating a faulty valve". What? this is a brand new unit.
  • Perfect use for a tankless water heater
  • It doesnt work out of the box
06:34 pm (GMT)
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  • Value:
It works!
We camp occasionally and we would camp more often if my wife was able to take she same time in the shower as she does at home with out running out of hot water. After installing this myself which was pretty easy, It takes less space and is much lighter and now I am not toting around a extra ten gallons of water. Using it for the first time this past weekend I got a thumbs up from my wife that it works! It took a little fine tuning to get the water to slow down going through the unit because it could not keep up with it keeping it hot as she likes. It burns me, It uses less propane and runs only as needed.
  • Works as advertised
  • wish it was a little less money
02:44 am (GMT)
  • more than 3 year(s)
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So Far So Good
We are full timers and needed something to replace the anemic little 6 gallon water heater our RV came with (2014 Forest River Cherokee). The first year we had the RV I purchased a 20 gallon 110 volt household heater and had it set up under the rig when we were parked. It was much better then the six gallon one, but the drawback was it added another step to the setup/tear-down process when it was time to move. Also it was still difficult to get two back-to-back showers out of it even if we were very conservative with the water flow. 110 volt heaters just don't recover fast enough to do a good job heating water. I started doing research on the tank less heaters and after much debate decided to take a chance on the second generation Girard despite the mediocre reviews of the first gen models and the lack of any reviews for the 2nd gen model. First of all Dyers shipped it VERY fast! I ordered it on a Sunday night and the heater arrived at 11:00am Wednesday followed by the door kit 11:00am Thursday. The first thing I noticed about the heater is the light weight....probably about 1/2 the weight of an empty 6 gallon tank model. I was planning to do the install in stages after work since we were not using the built in water heater anyway. I began by removing the original 6 gallon Suburban heater early this afternoon. The process went so well I decided to go further and see if I could slip the Girard in place to check for fit and to see how much modification I would need to do to the cut out, plumbing, gas line etc. Surprisingly the Girard slid right in with only a trim to the skin of the RV. The gas line hooked right up with no effort and after a quick trip to a local hardware store I had the pex lines run to the back of the heater. I picked a location inside, close to the heater, to mount the control panel and after running those wires and attaching the 12 volt power supply wires off of the original heater I was finished! From unpacking to turn on ready in only about 2.5 hours! Normally when things go that smoothly I fully expect some major setback to be waiting right around the corner. I turned on the water, bled out the air and had no leaks. Next I turned on the gas and hit the switches. The control panel came to life and everything seemed to be working. The heater is very quiet and you cannot hear it fire up from inside or outside the RV....very different from the Suburban that was vaguely reminiscent of a jet engine turning on. A few tests and temperature adjustments later and it was a done deal! Of course the real test was to try a shower and since my day was done I jumped right in. It takes a few seconds longer to get hot water at the tap than a conventional heater but once it is there it is hot and steady. The adjustments for a shower are a little different as well. I found myself using the hot water valve almost exclusively to adjust the water temperature. The slower the flow the hotter the water and vice versa. After a little bit of a learning curve I got the hang of it and it was fine. I tried different spray patterns on the shower head and none seemed to change the water temperature enough to notice a difference. I stayed in the shower for quite a while and never noticed a fluctuation in temperature or pressure. In theory I guess I could have stayed in until I ran out of propane, but after what seemed like a very long time I gave up and got out. So far it seems like the Girard is going to live up to it's "new and improved" claim. I am curious to see what the propane consumption will be since I am going from a total electric heater to a total gas one and also what the lifespan of the heater will be. Only time will answer both of those questions.
  • Light weight, easy to install
  • Too early to be sure, but haven't found any yet

3 Item(s)