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The Demco Kar Kaddy SS is the top of the line car caddy with disc brakes, made of galvanized steel to prevent rust with a steerable axle that allows for a tighter turning radius. The Demco Kar Kaddy SS folds up to half its normal length to solve those pesky space storage problems.
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Demco Kar Kaddy SS Description

The RV lifestyle has so much to offer. An opportunity to make life long memories, a place to bond with the family away from all the distractions of daily life; not to mention the ability to just pick up and go when you feel like it without all the last minute planning. Having a vehicle to run errands with, go four wheeling, and site seeing enhances the adventure of being an RVer. The Demco Kar Kaddy SS is perfect for RVers who want to tow a secondary vehicle.

The Kar Kaddy SS is rugged and strong enough to be trusted for your towing needs. The Kar Kaddy tow dolly is tough enough to support the weight of a vehicle that weighs 4700 pounds. With a built-in convenient galvanized metal ramp that is perforated for extra traction, loading the car onto the dolly is safe and easy.

Hooking up to your RV or vehicle is made simple with the EZ latch coupler rated at 1000 pounds. The Kar Kaddy SS can also accommodate a wide range of tire tread widths (42" - 76"). Demco includes tire straps that secure the vehicle onto the tow dolly ramp for added security.

Steering is a breeze because Demco has created a “steerable axle” feature that allows for a tighter, 15%, turning radius that keeps the dolly right behind your motorhome, truck or SUV. The steerable axle lessens the risk of sliding and binding.

No more towing in the dark, the Kar Kaddy SS has fully functioning lights that alert other drivers of your presence. You do not need to worry about other drivers not seeing your towed vehicle because there are tail lights, license plate lights, a lift cluster bar, clearance lights, left and right turn signals and brake lights.

When towing a vehicle solely relying on the tow vehicles brakes to stop all of the weight of the companion car can wear on your tow vehicles brakes. In 2014 Demco began using disc brakes on the Kar Kaddy SS. The Demco Kar Kaddy SS is equipped with disc brakes that tighten down on the caliper to stop the disk. The Kar Kaddy also has a hydraulic surge brake system that allows the surge brakes to team up with the hitch to activate the actuator through hydraulics. When you decelerate in the tow vehicle that deceleration increases the stopping power the surge brakes generate.

When you’re an RVer you do not want a giant piece of equipment you have to store clogging up your driveway, garage or campsite. Demco recognized that and has made the SS a space saver that folds up. The Overall length is 133" and the folded length is 67", the Kar Kaddy SS folds almost half of its body to give you room to move and for easy storage!

There are also great accessories available like the deflector shield that is made to protect your windshield and the front of your towed vehicle from rocks. There is also a spare tire mount and of course all accessories are available from

We have added the owner’s manual as a download on this page it has the parts and installation instruction for your convenience. If you would like to see more you can visit Demco’s site that has pictures and videos on the Kar Kaddy SS at: http://

The Demco Kar Kaddy SS has everything you need and more for towing a companion vehicle. It is simple to unhook the Kar Kaddy SS and/or take the car off the dolly so you can enjoy nearby towns and stores! At Dyers we have car dollies for everyone from the simple Kar Kaddy tow-it 2 to the top of the line Kar Kaddy SS. Come check out Dyers and you will find those parts and products you have been looking for!

Dyers Tip:
You might be worried about how you will get the 665 lb Kar Kaddy off of the truck. Do not worry! The trucking companies we work with will call you to schedule delivery if you are delivering to a residential address, it is at that time that you can request a truck with a lift gate. There is an up-charge which differs depending on the trucking company used, this will be a separate bill between you and the trucking company.

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Owners Manual

Demco Kar Kaddy SS Additional Information

Item # 65427
Brand Demco
Model 9713045
Features Perfect solution for RV parks that are not deep enough to accommodate your motorhome and tow dolly.
Fully extended- 133 inches long.
Folded- 67 inches long.
Hydraulic surge brake system for safe and controlled stopping.
Chrome wheels with radial tires and dual safety chains.
Sealed bearing hubs with a 3-year unlimited warranty.
Less than 100 lbs. tongue weight when loaded, for improved ride and handling of tow vehicles.
Total towed vehicle weight: 4,700 lbs.
Axle capacity: 3,500 lbs.
Towed vehicle tread width: 42” minimum, 76” maximum.
Galvanized finish.
eZ-Latch coupler.
Included NEW for 2013 - Now includes disc brakes.
Dimensions 8-1/2' Wide
Warranty 3 Year
Special Order Item No
LTL Freight Yes

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