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Yellowstone National Park is the largest national park in the country. Yellowstone is 3,472 square miles – about 54 miles wide and 64 miles north to south. It’s a lot of driving but with so much beauty and wildlife it’s certainly worth the extra miles. With such treasures as Old Faithful which erupts every 70 minutes and Morning Glory hot springs it is easy to see why it is one of the most popular camping destinations in the world. If you are planning to book a site at one of Yellowstone’s RV campground sites remember to book early, at least six months in advanced.


Due to the tremendous amount of wildlife in and around Yellowstone tents are not allowed and extreme caution is advised when dealing with stored food. Yellowstone is home to a diverse number of animals. Wild buffalo still roam the reserve, as well as wolves and bears; even moose can be seen roaming through this amazing park. Mountain lions and foxes and other predators also make their home here, so again use caution when disposing and storing food or you might find a hungry bear roaming through your campground.


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