Truck Camper Jacks

Truck Camper Jacks

The first step in determining which camper jacks to purchase is the weight of the truck camper and the style of jacks. Camper jacks are sold in tripod jacks, corner mounted jacks, hydraulic jacks and electric controlled jacks.


Tripod jacks come in 1000lb. and 2000lb capacity. They are available in a 3 jack or 4 jack set. If using a 3 jack configuration, 1 jack would mount in the center under the wing of one side of the camper and the other 2 jacks would mount on the opposite side under the wing at the corners. This is the most unstable configuration. In the four jack configuration a jack would mount under the wing at each corner of the camper offering the most stable configuration. These jacks are manually operated. The tripod jacks fold up for storage when transporting. Tripod jack bracket extensions and  lift extensions are available for dually and lifted pickups.



Rieco-Titan Tripod Camper Jack -TST1000-1Z1

Tripod Jack Guidlines:

Use 3 standard jacks for campers 1,500 lb. or less.
Use 4 standard jacks for campers under 2,300 lb.
Use 3 heavy-duty for campers under 2,300 lb.
4 heavy-duty jacks will handle the weight of any size camper.



Corner, electric controlled and hydraulic camper jacks mount with bolts on all 4 corners of the truck camper. This style of mounting is the most stable configuration. These jacks are manually operated. Electric camper jacks offer the most convenience of all the camper jacks. These jacks mount on the four corners of the truck camper and with the push of a button you can raise or lower all of the jacks or each jack independently.


Rieco-Titan Hydraulic Camper Jack - RHY2Z3S Rieco-Titan Wireless Remote Controlled Electric Truck Camper Jacks - 56032 Rieco-Titan Mechanical 4-Corner Camper Jack - TFC2A3W




We also offer a electric camper jack conversion kit for Rieco Titan or Atwood camper jacks. This kit contains everything needed to convert you mechanical corner jacks to electric camper jacks. Repair and replacement parts are available for all of the pickup truck camper jacks we carry.

Rieco-Titan Wireless Remote Electric Conversion Kit - REK4AB-WL

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