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The surge guard protects against power surges, over/under voltage, mis-wired pedestals and open neutrals.
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TRC Surge Guard Power Monitor Description

Protects your RV against any power issues. Easy to read back lit display and LCD remote indicates source of voltage. Fuse protected against excess voltage, low and high.

TRC Surge Guard Power Monitor Additional Information

Item # 17092
Brand TRC
Model 40240
Installation Type Permanent
Amperage 50 Amp
Protection Rating 3,350 Joules
Features Protects RV bumper to bumper from faulty park power.
Easy to read 2-line plain English backlit LCD remote display provides visual indication of source voltage, load current or diagnostics.
Multi-mode surge suppression (fuse protected).
Protects against: Excessive voltage, Less than 102V and High more than 132V, Miswired pedestal, Open neutral, Open ground, High/low frequency, and reverse polarity.
Warranty 1 year
Made in USA
Special Order Item Yes
Lead Time 5-7 Business Days If In Stock

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ours worked
Our unit came with only one of the largest cable-clamp/connectors, and our power cable was too large to fit in the 2nd-largest connectors provided. So you may want to pick up a matching clamp/connector before you start.

Right after you take off the cover, identify the In and Out ends of the unit inside the box.

Mount the unit on the wall of your RV's power bay. Read the provided instructions about lead lengths inside the box, and figure where you want to cut your power cable. Consider moving the cut point 2 to 4 inches toward the plug, so as to allow more cable between the cable's current attachment point and the In side of the surge suppressor. Be sure your RV's power cable is unplugged and any inverter in your RV is off. A power saw with a metal blade makes it easy to cut through the power cable.

Remove the outside cover of the two new ends of the power cable, to the lengths specified in the instructions. Knock out the knockouts on each end of the box, slip the clamp/connectors over the two cables, and wrestle and bend them into the holes. Clamp both cables. Strip the insulation of the wires to the lengths specified in the instructions, insert the wires and tighten them down. Put the cover back on. Add external clamping/strain-relief, preferably on both the In and Out cables but for sure on the long (In) cable. Mount the message panel where you want it, and connect the provided cable between the surge suppressor and the message panel.

When you're at a location with an RV power outlet, plug in as usual. Check the message panel. If it shows the voltage and current on the two circuits, you're in business! If the panel shows an error message, talk to the person responsible for the power. If the panel stays blank, call or email Surge Guard (TRC).

Reviewing a surge suppressor's performance is hard because it's not supposed to do anything if all is well. Maybe someone on the Internet has done real testing with surge-generating equipment.
12:20 pm (GMT)
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Product works great, first time i plugged in, it wouldn't turn on power to coach, told me I had open ground
Product works great, first time i plugged in, it wouldn't turn on power to coach, told me I had open ground. So went to pedestal and removed and inserted plug several times, just in case there was corrosion and that cleared the code and the power came on.

2 Item(s)