The next stage in you RV sewage system is the holding tank. This is the tank where the sewage will be stored until it is time to dump it at the appropriate waste station. There are two different types of tanks that are used in RV’ing: portable and permanent.

RV Holding Tanks

Portable tanks are normally used for pop-ups and other smaller RV’s that do not have the room or capability of carrying a permanently installed tank. The portable tank is a mobile storage tank that is normally has built in wheels and a handle or some way to tote it around. This tank is used when the RV did not come with a permanently installed tank. Because of their mobility, they are also used in other scenarios. Say you are camping in an area that does not have a direct hook up for dumping right at your site. There may be a dump station in the campground but it is not within hose reach, or you may be boon-docking it out in your favorite spot. What do you do when your tank becomes full but you may not be ready to leave? Well, you W...

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