Let’s take a look at the components that make up your RV’s sewage system. This is going to be the beginning of a multiple post adventure, so stay tuned.  We are going to start at the top and work down; this puts us on the topic of toilets.


Here at Dyer’s we exclusively and proudly carry Thetford toilets. “Every Thetford toilet - from the finest china to the most economical - has thoughtful ergonomic features so you're assured of a comfortable, elegant and trouble-free toilet. Add water-saving features and ease of use, and you see why Thetford is the industry leader.”

RV Toilets

There are many factors to consider when looking at RV toilets. We will start by looking at the basics which we will call styling. You will usually notice that RV toilets have two main color choices. You can select the one that fits you RV décor the best. Most toilets have the option of white or parchment. These are not the only choices though. There are a number of toilets that are also available in “bone”.  Even though bon...

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