Lastly, and an important part of the RV waste system that we are going to look at today, is the waste valve. It is important that you have a properly sealed and working valve on your waste tank to prevent leaks/drips while you are on the road.

Sewer System Valves and Hoses


There are a few sizes of RV valves but the most common is 3”. This is usually what your RV will come with from the factory. Your valve will either be, handle operated or remote cable operated. A cable operated valve will protect your valves from damage due to placement in low and exposed areas. The flexible cable lets you mount in a direct push-pull position instead of the more difficult side pull. Valterra’s patented Cable Valve System converts hard to access valve handles to a simple push/pull placement. Cable handles can be positioned at the bottom of an RV sidewall, or within a control access compartment with bulkhead installation.


Sewer Valves


It is important to check the seals on your valves a few times a year to ensure that they are not dried or crack...

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