For this go around, I think it’s time we discussed water pressure regulators.  The quick and dirty is that a regulator is a simple attachment that goes between your water line and the water source.  Although, they aren’t as fancy as they sound, water pressure regulators are an absolute must have when it comes to RVing equipment.

Pressure Regulator

If you’re wondering why a regulator can be so important, the following story illustrates perfectly just how critical they are. One weekend, John Dyer, owner of Dyer’s RV, and his friend Sam went camping with their wives at Dead Horse State Park, near Cottonwood, Arizona.  Sam was new to RVing at the time and had rented a class C motor home for the occasion. Upon arrival, John offered to help Sam with the electricity and water hook ups, but Sam was gung-ho about it and tackled the job himself.


The following afternoon, Sam noticed the water hose was bulging abnormally.  Before anything could be done to fix it, the hose burst, shooting an impressive geyser of water...

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