So last time I discussed how LED bulbs can benefit your RVing experience. Now I’d like to revisit that discussion and quickly address how easy it is to replace your old bulbs. We will look at two common ways of identifying the bulbs you have, the ones you need, and how to find them.


First, let’s talk about identifying the bulb you have. When you remove your current bulb, examine its base. This will be the part normally consumed by the socket.



In the picture above, you can see from the base that this is a #1141 bulb type. Once you have this number it becomes very simple to search for the product. To find this bulb on Dyers Online go to the replacement bulbs section (Electrical > Lighting > Replacement Bulbs). Once there, you can narrow your search by using the “SHOP BY” tool and selecting “#1141”.


Shop by location and where to click to filter out all non led light bulbs.


This search will bring up all available #1141 bulbs, and you can then make your selection. But what about when you cannot find the bulb number? Not to worry, there are certain characteristics that help identify any bulb. For example, let’s look again at the #1141 base and bulb combination.



You can immediately see a few key features that stand out. Both the bulb and socket have one contact point and two barbs/attachment points. With this information you can identify the appropriate LED replacement.


It’s that easy to identify and replace your RV light bulbs, and Dyers makes your search even easier. So what are you waiting for? Make the switch to LEDs today!


For reference, I have created a diagram of the different socket styles available to help make your search even easier!