So you just bought a new camping trailer, and you're looking to deck it out with some sweet loot before you take your family on the road. Even if you live in a small camping-unfriendly community and there are no camper accessory suppliers in your area, fear not: the Internet is here to save the day once again.

No matter what kind of camper you've managed to get your hands on, a camper supply website like can help you get a hold of the gadgets and gizmos you need. You don't need any experience with camping or even with high-level comparison shopping, because Dyers provides the tools you need right there on the website.

Live Chat With a Camping Pro

Live chat help used to be the exclusive domain of online IT departments and expensive lawyers, but the truth is there's huge applications for it in any endeavor that has an 'expert class' and an 'amateur class'.  Dyers is proving it every day by offering camping novices the opportunity to chat with an expert in the field from the DyersOnline website. If you have a question about camper culture, how to perform a specific bit of maintenance, or even how to prepare for your first big trip out, the experts on Dyer's chat are there for you.

Product Comparison

In the same vein, Dyers' website offers another novice-friendly service in the form of their Product Comparison button. Simply find a few similar items on Dyers' website and click the "add to compare" link beneath each of the items you're interested in. Then scroll down to the lower left and click "Compare Products".  A little pop-up window will show you all of the products' vital statistics side-by-side in an easy-to-read chart. It may not sound like much, but when you're looking through a dozen different RV parts and accessories and the pictures all look basically identical, it's a lifesaver. offers a broad spectrum of camping trailer and RV accessories and replacement parts -- but just as importantly to anyone new to camping, they offer expert help...something you'll have a tough time finding anywhere else.