5 Examples of Leveling Jacks for Your RV 

There are a lot of very good reasons to want to keep your camper trailer level while you enjoy the great outdoors, and that has led to the invention of many ways to accomplish that seemingly-simple goal. Check out five of the products you might find at your camper trailer parts store for keeping your RV perpendicular to the pull of gravity: 

The BAL Deluxe Scissor Leveler

The BAL Deluxe is the burly version of your standard scissor jack -- simple enough that anyone who's ever had to change a tire can operate it, but strong enough to hold up a significant portion of your RV's total weight.  

The EZ-Ramp Stacking Leveler

The EZ-Ramp is just about the simplest of the simple machines: an inclined plane that you drive your trailer onto. You stack what amount to giant shims until the stack on one side is as high as the ground level on the other, drive up onto them, and presto! A level trailer appears! 

The Ultra-Fab Steel King Tripod Stabilizer

What the BAL H-DTL is for scissor jacks, the Steel King is for tripod stabilizers. If you have a 5th wheel rather than an RV, a tripod stabilizer is the tool for you -- it hooks up in the same place that you would attach your trailer to your truck, but instead of pulling the trailer away, it keeps it stable and level. 

The Mobile Outfitters 5th Wheel Ground Control Complete Wireless Leveling System

This mother of all leveling jacks allows you to perform the ultimate in trailer-leveling luxury: get your 5th wheel level from inside via remote control. It's one of the fastest and most convenient ways of making your trailer even -- well worth the somewhat immodest price tag.

The BAL Light Trailer Tire Leveler

This cute little device uses the same idea as the EZ-Ramp -- you park your trailer, then put this miniature jack around your low-side tire. Turn a screw, and your low-side tire is gently lifted off the ground until you've reached level. It's only good for smaller trailers, but for the size, weight, and ease of storage and use, it can't be beat.