WiFi Ranger Sky Signal Booster and Go2 Router Pack

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Purchase the RV Pack2 to combine the indoor Go2's LAN and USB ports with the Sky's powerful WiFi signal-boosting technology. On your next trip, don't just surf the web - soar through it.
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WiFi Ranger Sky Signal Booster and Go2 Router Pack Description

With indoor LAN and USB accessibility, the WiFiRanger Go2 is the perfect complement to the powerful WiFiRanger Sky or MobileTi outdoor routers. Complete your network by adding the Go2 for indoor networking accessibility.

Wifi Ranger -

The WiFiRanger Sky combines durable engineering with signal-boosting technology. Designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor travel, the WiFiRanger Sky makes it easy and secure to stay connected. Signal-boosting technology from 2,500 ft.

Hotspots, now hotter:
Don't let a weak WiFi hotspot signal limit you. With the WiFiRanger Sky, you can give any signal a much-needed boost. This range extender seamlessly repeats and strengthens any accessible WiFi signal, allowing you to blast past large downloads, stream videos and browse the web unimpeded by a low signal.

Secure go-between and private network:
Protect your personal information from digital intruders with the WiFiRanger Sky. A built-in firewall provides a wall of security between you and users on the public WiFi network, while a WPA2 256bit AES encryption keeps intruders from accessing the private network the WiFiRanger Sky broadcasts between your devices.

One-time connection:
Log in - just once. WiFiRanger Sky connects multiple devices, like smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers all simultaneously with a single login. Save the typing for your emails - not for multiple logins. Plus, you'll never have to choose or limit which device you use because WiFiRanger lets you use them all with just one login.

The WiFiRanger Sky is the most durable, outdoor WiFi system on the market. A high-grade, UV-rated polymer case protects components, including an internal antenna, from sun, water, wind and debris. Completely waterproof, the WiFiRanger Sky stood up to a two-hour water immersion test. Inside the WiFiRanger Sky, flexible rubber mounting keeps components from vibrating and breaking during travel. In short, you won’t find a more well-built WiFi system.

The WiFiRanger Sky is the solution that brings in WiFi, both powerfully and simply. Enjoy the simplest solution for keeping RVers, Mariners, and Home Residents online through WiFi from RV Parks, Hotspots, Marinas, and Shared WiFi Systems. The WiFiRanger Sky can connect at great distances, while imparting an enjoyable user experience from the automation that makes using it easy. Another key feature is that with the WiFiRanger Sky, you are no longer limited to having only one device online at a time when at subscriber-based WiFi Hotspots. You can relax with the WiFiRanger Sky being your safe and secure go-between for your WiFi devices to whatever available WiFi broadcasts are around.

Go2 Router Board -

Accessible lan ports:
From NAS hard drives to hardwired computers, we've got your bases covered. With 5 LAN/WAN ports, the Go2 provides an amazing internal network that allows for fast file sharing and transfers. Get up to speed with the indoor LAN network of the Go2.

Aircards get shared:
With the growing number of travelers supplementing their connectivity with 3G/4G data, the need for sharing the Cellular internet is rising. The Go2 supports numerous USB Aircards and MiFi devices plug-n-play, so that you can get cracking on any of your computers or devices while securely on your WiFiRanger network.

Pairing made simple:
To complement the powerful Sky or MobileTi, the Go2 is made to seamlessly pair and control the outdoor router. Have a complete and unified WiFiRanger network for both indoor accessibility and outdoor signal-boosting capability.

WiFi Ranger Sky Signal Booster and Go2 Router Pack Additional Information

Item # 88048
Brand MITO Corporation
Model 11-RVPACK2
Features Wifi Ranger -
Band: 2.4GHz
Antenna: Integrated 2x2 MIMO
Throughput: Up to 300Mbps
Standards: 802.11 b/g/n
Broadcasts: 1x Private / 1x Public
Encryption: WPA2 Personal 256bit
Reception: Up to 2500ft.
Case: Polymer
Waterproof: Yes
UV-Rated: Yes
Vibration Rated: Yes
LAN: 1x (POE Model)
Temperatures: -10C - +70C
Power Input: 12VDC
Power Use: 4W Max
Build: WiFiRanger 5.6.x+
Upgrades: One-Click Ease (Free)
Failover: Yes
Fusion Networking: Yes

Go2 Router -
Ethernet Ports: 5 (1 WAN, 1 POE Out, 3 LAN)
USB Port: 1 (Aircard/MiFi Tethering)
POE Output: 12-24V on 5th LAN Port
Power Method: 110V AC or 12V Direct
Max Power Consumption: 7W
Included A complete network with indoor accessibility and outdoor range:

(1) WiFiRanger Sky
- 30FT Ethernet Cable

(1) WiFiRanger Go2
- 110VAC Power Adapter & 12V Wire Harness

(1) Quick Start Guidance
Dimensions Ranger Box: 121 x 200 x 55mm
Go2 Router: 113 x 138 x 29mm
Warranty 1-Year Parts
Made in USA
Special Order Item Yes
Lead Time 2-3 Weeks
LTL Freight No

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