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TurboKOOL's quiet spin-spray cooling technology is the first successful, trouble-free and economical solar or 12-volt evaporative cooling system of its type for recreational vehicles.
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Turbo KOOL 12 Volt Evaporative Air Cooler Description

Introduced in the 1970's, TurboKOOL technology, previously known as RECAIR, provides proven performance with thousands of units presently in use. Its streamlined styling and low profile "no-snag" contour offers minimal wind resistance.

Hot, dirty air becomes clean, cool air as the spin-spray action washes out dust, pollen and impurities. TurboKOOL will cool the incoming air by 20 to 30 degrees. (See efficiency charts below.)

This rust-resistant feature-packed unit fits all standard 14" x 14" RV roof vent openings. Individually adjustable louvres distribute the cool air where you direct it. The TurboKOOL’s three-speed, exceptionally quiet, air cooled reversible motor allows the TurboKOOL unit to also be used as an exhaust fan. This unit delivers up to 750 CFM of cool, clean air while only drawing 4.6 amps. For longer life, the motor is cooled by dry air. The non-organic industrial foam filter provides cooling and filtration without bacterial growth or foul odors. Spraying water over the entire surface of the filter ensures maximum COOLING and FILTERING efficiency. The bearings and motor are never exposed to moist air, and the TurboKOOL unit is maintenance FREE, with only one moving part.

The built-in, easy-to-clean reservoir can be filled automatically from your pressurized RV system, can be hand-filled from inside the vehicle, connected to a garden hose, or drawn from a stand-alone pressurized 3-gallon water supply tank, which is available from your local dealer or Bachman Enterprises, Inc.

Weighing just 16 lbs. and measuring 35" x 22" x 11.5", TurboKOOL is compact and easy to install either by your RV dealer or the "do-it-yourself'er" with simple hand tools and our easy-to-follow instructions. There is a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty on all TurboKOOL parts. The unit performs best in a dry climate and is not recommended where the average relative humidity exceeds 75%. TurboKOOL can be adapted to nearly all Pickup Campers, Travel Trailers, Motorhomes, Dog & Horse Trailers, or any remote, stand-alone cooling requirement.

Spin Spray Technology:
The cooling is caused by evaporation. The warm dry outside air, with its low relative humidity, is pulled into the unit by the fan, while water is being sprayed, by our unique spin spray pump, on a cylindrical porous filter. As the dry air is forced through the wet filter by the fan, the water is evaported, which cools the air coming out of the cooler. This cool air must be allowed to flow freely through the RV or facility being cooled and out through a window, door or vent. If the air is restricted the cooling will be less. The size of the RV or facility being cooled, how well it is insulated, exterior temperature and humidity are just some of the variable factors that can affect the cooling efficiency. Quiet simplicity at its best!

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Turbo KOOL 12 Volt Evaporative Air Cooler Additional Information

Item # 22343
Brand Turbo Kool
Model 2B-0001
Fits Fits all standard 14" x 14" roof vent openings. Nearly all Pickup Campers, Travel Trailers, Motorhomes, Dog & Horse Trailers, or any remote, stand-alone cooling requirement.
Features Operates with a solar panel and/or on a standard 12-volt system.
Amp draw: High: 4.6 amps Med: 3.2 amps Low: 2.2 amps.
Advanced spin-cooling technology.
Economical operation.
Maintenance FREE (only one moving part).
Easy to clean.
Built-in reservoir.
Dry air used to cool motor for LONGER MOTOR LIFE.
"Spin-Spray" pump cannot wear out or burn out.
No bearings or motors exposed to wet air.
Spraying water over entire surface of filter ensures peak COOLING and FILTERING.
Efficiency - Much more efficient than dripping water over a filter.
Non-organic industrial foam filter element - no bacterial growth or foul odors.
Temperature reduction is usually between 20 - 30 degrees.
TurboKOOL "Spin-Spray" technology was previously available only in RECAIR coolers.
Easy installation with simple hand tools.
SPIN-SPRAY action literally washes dust, pollen and impurities from the air & filter.
Converts hot, stuffy and dirty air to COOL, CLEAN AIR.
No generator or 110v power needed to run TurboKOOL.
Automatic water level control valve.
Streamlined styling - low profile "no-snag" contour reduces wind resistance.
Recommended for areas where the average relative humidity does not exceed 75%.
Quiet and efficient operation.
All rust-resistant construction.
Individually adjustable louvres for air distribution the way you direct it.
Unit can also be used as an exhaust fan.
Body and hood are UV protected to prevent cracking, discoloration and fading.
Pump can’t be damaged if run without water.
Dry-camping is finally a real pleasure.
Dimensions 35" x 22" x 11.5".
Warranty 1 Year
Special Order Item No
LTL Freight No

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Very well made. Installation is straightforward but still the water hookup can be challenging. Excellent airflow and cooling. Uses a surprising amount of water, so be prepared.

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