RVi2 Auxiliary Braking System

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Danko Manufacturing LLC

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The RVi2 is an auxiliary braking system that operates at the push of a button via a wireless monitor. It will also alert you of low battery voltage or breakaway situation. The Rvi2 can also monitor tire pressure when combined with RVi tire pressure sensors.
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RVi2 Auxiliary Braking System Description

When you are RVing have you dreamed of going off road, or being able to run up to the store in a car? Many RVers choose to tow a car behind them for the extra freedom that a car provides. When towing a vehicle behind your motor home there is a “dead weight”. This dead weight makes it harder for the coach to stop because of all of that extra weight pushing the RV. Towing a car can also cause more wear and tear on your brakes because of the massive pressure required to stop and brake. To prevent the wear on your brakes, giving you a more secure stop are the reasons the RVi2 auxiliary braking system was invented.

The first thing you notice with the RVi2 auxiliary braking system is the ease of operation. RVi has created the RVi2 braking system to be easy to set-up and operate. Which makes installation a breeze! In about 60 seconds you are hooked up and ready to go on the RV adventure of a lifetime.

The “one-touch auto positioning” is one of a kind! With the click of one button the RVi2 brake control panel is activated and initiates the actuator arm to push the brake pedal 5 times in order to position the housing against the floor pan automatically.

The proportional technology of the RVi2 brake system makes braking smooth in traffic, panic braking situations or on the scenic trip you are taking the family on. When towing a companion vehicle the RVi2 braking system mimics the braking you are doing in the RV and passes that information to the companion car that is being towed. The harder you brake – the harder the RVi2 applies the brakes in the tow vehicle.

The RVi2 brake system comes with a multi-functional wireless monitor that displays important information and beeps when there is an issue that requires attention. The monitor keeps an eye on the voltage from the tow vehicles battery and automatically shuts off if the voltage is less than 10 volts. The monitor also has a 15 second braking limit. After 15 seconds of continuous braking the monitor will stop braking to protect the brakes on the tow vehicle from over use. Also, there is a built-in breakaway alert to let the driver of the RV know when the tow car has been detached from the RV. This monitor can also gauge tire pressure, notifying you of low tire pressure, when tires are hotter than 170˚or when a tire is flat, when used with RVi tire pressure sensors (tire pressure sensors sold separately).

The RVi2 is not bulky or oversized. It is small. With accessories like the RVi soft shell carrying case you can stow away your RVi2 when it is not in use. If your RV battery has a short, or you don’t want to pull fuses, you can purchase the RVi2 12 volt battery direct kit. The 12 Volt Battery Direct Kit provides an extra 12 Volt outlet that runs directly off of your towed vehicle's battery.

Proudly Made in the USA!

RVi2 Auxiliary Braking System Additional Information

Item # 83457
Brand Danko Manufacturing LLC
Model 12011
Fits Compatible with RVibrake's Tire Pressure Sensors
Color Charcoal
Features Bar graph display of when the towed vehicle is braking
Manual Brake Test activation
Towed Vehicle low battery indication
Contrast setting
Backlight setting
Audible Break-Away alert
Installation takes less than 60 seconds
Compatible with RVibrake's Tire Pressure Sensors
Included In the Box:
Wireless Remote
Stop Plate
If your vehicle requires a custom seat bracket and or brake pedal clevis, it will be provided with your order. - This is why we ask for vehicle information.
Dimensions 15" x 12" x 4"
Warranty 3 Year
Made in USA
LTL Freight No

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